Sound Reinforcement for Firework Displays

Sound4Hire is a division of MLE Pyrotechnics Limited. One of the UK's leading firework companies. We know how important sound is to a firework production and have an understanding of every aspect of the job. We are happy to sign non-competition agreements for the firework side of your event.

Fireworks (They Go Bang!)

We provide PA Systems for more Firework Events than any other professional PA company in the UK. Providing sound reinforcement for a Firework Display is often underestimated but we have an in-depth understanding and the expertise needed to ensure the musical theme of a pyromusical is heard.

Solutions can be tailored to suit each application whether this is a large FOH system to a system distributed around a theme park or castle – we have the knowhow. With over 18 years experience in this exciting industry we have experience of working with multiple different firing systems.

We provide PA systems for

  • Touring Events
  • One-Off or Multi Day competitions
  • Theme Parks
  • Town Centres
  • City Centres
  • MOD Sites

  • We fully understand the dynamics of providing reinforcement for large audience in vast spaces and our infrastructure is specifically designed to withstand the demands of a Firework Event, everything is professionally waterproofed from our loudspeaker systems through to mains distribution to amplifier racks – everything is covered.